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A diverse Canadian team of travelers that can change each trip travels North America and Europe by cruise ship, rail, car, or plane whenever they can to show you fun to be had on any budget through YouTube videos and a podcast.

What is Vacation Impossible?
An ever-changing team of travelers presents a wide selection of travel destinations and experiences for any budget. Whether it’s a cruise in the Caribbean, a trip to Europe, a train ride through the Pacific Northwest, or a road trip we’re posting new videos and podcasts all the time. It all began in 2001 when two friends with an itch to travel and not a lot of money wanted to show their friends and family how much fun can be had. With over 200 videos and a Podcast there are plenty of laughs, travel inspiration, and pro tips. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Podcast today!.

Who are you?
We are a group of people who love travel and wanted to use this love to inspire and entertain others. The trips are coordinated by Ray who, throughout our videos and podcast, is joined by various members of our diverse Cast.

Where are you guys located?
Vancouver, Canada

Is this a business?
No, Vacation Impossible is just a hobby taken to the next level.

Do you have merchandise?
No, although we do have business cards.

How much are you making off of this?
Nothing. We have not and do not make a single penny from this venture. This is done for educational purposes only and thus operates under fair use; we pay for everything out of pocket and collect zero revenues.

Is this appropriate for children?
The Vacation Impossible team strives to keep the videos as family friendly as possible. We aim for a G or PG rating equivalent in our episodes but we may on rare occasion stray into the realm of PG-13. The Podcast is marked as explicit as we do sometimes wander into more adult subjects.

Are you planning anything different for the future?
Yes! Each trip is different: the technology, cast, or destination changes each trip.

Where did this idea come from?
In 2000 there was a show on, one of the pioneer sites of web 2.0 at the time, called D.Life which followed the travels of 3 artists with destinations ranging from Calgary to Atlanta to Korea. It was later bought by Warner Bros and no longer seems to be available. D.Life has since been identified as possibly the first ever internet reality miniseries. Notable moments of the series included a fight in the middle of the night on the streets of Calgary and a trip to Korea attempting to free an imprisoned DJ. Ray and Jon were inspired to do a similar video series but with less violence, sexual tension, and political intrigue – something family friendly more in the vein of a travel series than Realty TV and its inherent conflict. We set out not only to entertain but to educate and hopefully inspire others to travel despite what boundaries may exist of budget, time, or education.

Are you good at this?
With over 15 years of experience working on these videos we hope we’ve learnt a thing or two about both travel and video production however no one has any formal training in video production beyond High School. We're large self taught and often by trial and error as our early videos will show.

What kind of trips do you take?
We do everything from the most budget road trip to a train trip in the Pacific Northwest to a cruise tothe extravagant Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Whatever your price range there’s more than a few videos you can relate to.

Is everything recorded?
Sadly no, we have no camera crew so it’s up to the cast to remember to break out the cameras at the right time and sometimes we forget. For example in season 6 we completely forgot to shoot any video in Paris despite doing and seeing some amazing things – hopefully we learnt our lesson from Paris.

How do you benefit from this?
Other than 15 minutes of internet fame we see no direct benefit. In fact, none of our cast appears in our most popular video! The Vacation Impossible team spends a lot of our own money taking trips, buying equipment, and paying for web and podcast hosting. These videos are a hobby and a way to hopefully inspire others to have amazing experiences they may not have been aware of or thought were possible. Hearing that we've inspired someone to take a trip or use one of our tips to have a better time is all the reward we hope for.

Why aren’t you going to XYZ?
Who knows, maybe we will go to XYZ this year. We’ll see. Currently we restrict our travels to North America and Europe – the next continent we hope to expand to is Australia.

Is there anything I can do to help?
Get the word out! Do what you can to promote the show. Follow us on twitter, share our videos on social media, subscribe, like, and favorite our videos on YouTube, tell your friends, keep circulating the tapes.

How can I submit ideas?
Twitter is our preferred method of contact, due to external commitments and volume we may take some time to reply but we will get back to you. Your call is important to us and has been held in priority sequence.

I want to start my own video series, any suggestions?
We recommend Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing – it’s intuitive and versatile. Don’t hold the camera in your crotch and film upwards; people get tired of the up-the-nose shot fast. Shoot everything; you can always edit the boring parts out later.

Can I access previous seasons?
Yes! Check the Seasons page for videos and other goodies from past seasons.

How do I connect to Vacation Impossible?
Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!

Got a question we haven’t answered?
Contact us via Twitter.

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