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Over the years the Vacation Impossible team has been fortunate to visit a wide variety of destinations across North America and Europe. Here are some thoughts on each major location featured in our video series.

We went here for the Stampede and while we had a lot of fun, we haven’t felt the need to return. Outside of Stampede season this city doesn’t have much to offer that you can’t find elsewhere

This small island off the coast of LA is beautiful. You won’t find a huge variety of activities once you’re there and that’s a strength of this destination – it makes you take a slower pace and appreciate your surroundings. Watch carefully and you might just spot a pod of friendly dolphins.

West Edmonton Mall is a simple and easy attraction worth more than a single visit – whether it’s the waterpark, the ice rink, the gun range, the rides or the shopping you probably won’t do it all in one visit. The true calling of this place is the beautiful drive from Vancouver.

The least impressive cruise destination in Mexico this is a very cost effective option and excellent for a first time cruise.

Grand Canyon
It’s been said this is one of the few tourist attractions in the world that not only lives up to expectations but surpasses them in a way that humbles you and it’s true.

Grand Turk
A small island that’s uncomplicated and fun for a day.

Hoover Dam
This is an easy drive from Las Vegas and something to see – take the Power Plant tour to get a full but not overwhelming appreciation of this man made marvel.

So many excursion options from a cruise ship a day, even a week couldn’t do it justice but going in bite-size trips makes it manageable.

A beautiful drive through this park is a big part of the appeal of Edmonton.

The heart of the American car-crazy culture, the seat of global entertainment, and a serious amusement park destination this megalopolis has something for everyone…unless clean air, rain, and safe public transit are your things.

Las Vegas
Inexpensive and a wide variety of entertainment and food options this is a mainstay of any traveler. A week in Vegas can reinvigorate you or drain you depending on what you do.

Old world charm, history, and world-class manners this town can make anyone feel at home and at awe all at once. The tube will make you question the transit priorities at home.

Cruise ships sail out of here – we have yet to discover much appeal beyond that.

Oregon Coast
Coastal beauty exists up and down the west coast; mind-blowing dune buggies on the other hand live on the Oregon Coast.

Beauty, history, culture, and an enviable underground will make you want to walk everywhere and enjoy every minute of it.

A decent drive north of Victoria this destination has nice beaches and epic minigolf and bumper boats.

This city is beautiful and bohemian, the Keep Portland Weird campaign is working so there are a few off-beat things to do like Ground Kontrol and Powell’s but it can get boring after a couple days.

Go with a plan or be prepared for 5 hour lines – there is so much to see and do playing it by ear won’t get you the most value for your time.

San Francisco
The city by the bay has a district and an attraction for every personality type such that it’s hard to paint the whole city with one brush – you get a diverse selection here.

The closest city to Vacation Impossible’s base of operation we’ve been here more times than we can count – if possible going during Emerald City Comic Con, the city really shines during that event.

The Bahamas
The Atlantis Resort is the only other destination that not only meets but exceeds your expectations – you’ve probably seen the commercials, well, they’re only telling you 80% of the story, at best.

This is Vacation Impossible’s base of operations, ironically only our first episode shows any part of Vancouver as a destination.

Government buildings, ancient hotels, and landmarks. Known as the city for the newly wed and the newly retired it really helps to have a local show you the hidden gems.