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Carnival Liberty Cancels Sailings Due To Technical Problems

As reported by ABC, the Carnival Liberty has cancelled today’s sailing, will be skipping a stop on its next sailing, and will adjust its schedule on the sailing after that. The Liberty is expected to resume its regular schedule as of November 14th.

A problem was discovered with the ship’s alternator that is preventing her from reaching her maximum speed of 22.5 knots.

Guests of today’s cancelled sailing will receive a full refund, a free future cruise, and “$90 per person reimbursement representing a previously promised onboard credit and stipend for meals in Galveston”.

The ship arrived late from its last cruise, docking at 5:45pm, and guests for the next cruise boarded from 7pm to 10pm but the ship never left.

We’ve been on plenty of sailings with delays and changes to the itinerary but we’ve never personally experienced a cancelled sailing – that would be pretty bad. We’re glad that Carnival seems to be doing everything they can to make it right for the passengers.

I find myself thinking about the flights though. A 5:45pm arrival from the previous cruise would cause problems for almost everyone flying out the day of arrival. We like to give ourselves a buffer so that we don’t try to take any flight that leaves before 1pm the day of arrival but even our late flights would not have accommodated this kind of delay.

And what of the people who flew in for the cancelled cruise? If it was Orlando (Port Canaveral) it wouldn’t be a huge problem. Find a hotel and have fun in Orlando until the flight home – that’d be a grand adventure. The problem is the Liberty is ported in Galveston. I would not want to spend an unexpected week in Galveston. Houston which is nearby has a NASA Space Center but other than that I don’t see the appeal. So if people feel like I do they may want to change their flights and that will have fees associated with it. But these people have the money from the cruise back, the extra $90, and they’ll get a completely free cruise in the future so all told it’s not that bad although I do feel for them. It’s not like they’re in St. Thomas with free accommodations as happened to another cruise awhile back.

This is of particular importance to us as we had plans to book a back-to-back cruise on the Liberty at the end of January / beginning of February.

The Carnival Liberty, built in 2005, was last in dry dock in October 2011 and was scheduled to go into dry dock from December 1st to 16th later this year. So you’d think if they’d just made it to dry dock sooner this wouldn’t have happened but the work planned for the dry dock had nothing to do with the engines or power systems. The work scheduled was “routine hotel maintenance and cosmetic enhancements in lounges and public areas such as new carpeting, wall coverings, tile work and lighting“ and ”crew area renovations”.

We sail on the Carnival Breeze in 12 days time (keep an eye on our Instagram for pictures during that trip) and we had planned on booking our Liberty sailings while on board the Breeze to take advantage of the extra onboard credit you get when booking while on a ship. Suffice to say we’ll be watching this situation as it develops carefully over the coming 12 days as it may impact our booking decisions. It may come down to us calling an audible while at sea.

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