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Vacation Impossible
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Travel is good - more travel is better.

On our YouTube channel and podcast, we show you how to save on your next vacation so you can take more trips.

We might also inspire your next adventure by showing you some hidden gems and how to explore the world as safely as possible.

At Vacation Impossible we believe travel is good, more travel is better! Join us in our adventures so you can see some destinations you may never have considered going to, some out-of-the-way gems, some funny events, some fun activities and all while saving some money

Travel more! Exciting and funny adventures around the world will show you the fun you could be having! Expert cruising tips! We show you how to make that impossible vacation a reality with our expert tips.

We started filming in 2001 when we wanted to show our friends how much fun vacations are and how cheap they can be. Since then we've been creating videos to educate people on the amazing destinations and fun to be had in North America and Europe.

Whether it's a road trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim after a James Darren concert, a Carnival Cruise to Alaska, or going on rides at Six Flags no matter your travel budget there are both mainstream and hidden gems out there and we want to get you excited about them, inspire your next vacation, or expose you to a new idea and have plenty of laughs along the way!

Rather than travel regrets we want you to have travel memories. Some people think they can't travel at all, or can do so only once - the "trip of a lifetime" but it doesn't have to be that way. It's easier and less expensive if you know how to travel smart, let us show you how