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At Vacation Impossible we realize how lucky we are to be able to travel and go on the adventures that we do. Part of how we express gratitude for the opportunities we've had over the years is to support charities we care about. This by no means is the extent of our charitable efforts, these are just the few we have tried to focus public attention on with our various platforms. Behind the scenes we are strong supporters of the Heart & Stroke Foundation and several cancer charities, to name but a few

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In 2014 a trend swept through the social media world in which people would either donate to ALS research to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) or they would dump a bucket of ice water on their heads to simulate some of the symptoms of the disease and challenge three other people to take up the challenge. This raised over $200 million dollars worldwide. We decided to both donate and dump the ice water and challenge others. Being Vacation Impossible we decided on a special setting for our challenge: the Grand Canyon. We want to continue to raise awareness for tis important cause and do what we can to ensure this wasn't just a one-time fad.

Ray's Ice Bucket Challenge

Sam's Ice Bucket Challenge

Mario Marathon

Started in 2008 the Mario Marathon has raised over $700,000 for children's hospitals and domestic abuse shelter all over the world. The event consists of playing Super Mario video games and livestreaming online. This website has been one of the top fundraisers for the event, or social media accounts top promoters, and members of our team have even joined in recent broadcasts. On our YouTube channel we show some behind-the-scenes videos and in 2018 we also create the official commercial for the event